Why Choose GLP Wealth Pvt. Ltd.

Investors can choose from a plethora of distributors and financial services. However, an investor is invariably unsure if the advisor or planner will recommend a product purely on its risk and returns potential, or get swayed by "extra" commissions and "extra incentive". Investing though GLP Wealth Pvt. Ltd. is altogether different. We do not pile on a product to a potential client. On the contrary, we will recommend a cluster of funds that fit in the investor's risk appetite and is most likely to meet the desired financial objectives. And we assist the prospective investor chose what is best for him or her. This is how we create an informed investor. This “education of sorts are goes a long way in wealth creation. Our primary focus remains the "investor" and investors financial goals and risk appetite. Several prospects have contacted us with a vague idea of investments. We started their investment journey after carefully assessing their risk appetite. we defined their financial goals and structured investments to meet those financial objectives. As a result, we have several testimonials where investors started off by investing a few thousand every month and today have portfolios running in multiple of lacs.

As Mutual Fund advisors we have mastered wealth creation through systematic investment route. Investors also get a with a unique login ID and password for online portfolio viewing.This is to aid regular monitoring of their investments. The portfolio viewer along with state of the art Mobile app is at "ZERO" service charge. Every client is assigned a specific RM (Relationship Manager) and the RM is just a phone call away. Investors can use GLP Wealth Pvt. Ltd. mobile app (available at google play store and Itunes App Store) to track investments and portfolio returns. Through this app, you can track your current investments and its returns. So invest in Mutual Funds and track every rupee of your investments at Zero cost. We also have the facility of online buying and selling of mutual funds. After initial registration, everything shall be online and paperless. Besides, other features like online portfolio viewer and an RM stays. In nutshell, we are a Mutual fund advisor technologically savvy, that assist you to invest in Mutual Funds online and/or offline.