Investing means - investing for growth with complete protection. We at GLP Wealth Pvt. Ltd., believe that protection of your funds is a prime job and it needs to be addressed with lots of knowledge and proper planning. We use a wide range of products to achieve the financial Goals of our clients- Mutual Funds, Stocks, Fixed Deposits, Insurance etc.

At GLP Wealth Pvt. Ltd. we adopt a structured and disciplined advisory approach and offer you a complete range of solutions that complement our advisory services at one place. The range includes a combination of best of breed proprietary and non proprietary (third party) products. The approach is to recommend you product solutions within your overall asset allocation in an unbiased manner after evaluating all the options available in the market.

Work with us to develop a wealth creation and protection plan that provides you with the best chance to reach your financial goals according to your specific needs and comfort levels. Our wealth management and insurance expertise will put you in the best position to succeed while allowing you to maximize your time devoted to focusing on the pursuits that are most important to you.

GLP Wealth Pvt. Ltd. – One Stop Solution for all your Financial Needs

GLP Wealth Pvt. Ltd. is a perfect financial services to help you with comprehensive plans for all your life events. Dream big with us to achieve your long term financial goals. Viz.

  • Children’s Education
  • Children’s Marriage
  • Building Retirement Corpus (or aiming for Early Retirement)
  • Saving for Down payment – to buy a house on home loan
  • Setting up an emergency fund
  • Clearing the home loan as soon as possible
  • Clearing other loans
  • Foreign Trip (one time or every few years)
  • Saving to start a family in few years
  • Contributing in sister/brother’s marriage
  • Car purchase
  • Financially fortifying before quitting job to become an entrepreneur
  • Becoming financially free (this means different things to different people)