Stock Trading

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Investing in shares or stock market is inarguably the best route to long-term wealth accumulation


Commodities market has emerged as a new avenue for investors to create wealth.


The derivative segment is a highly lucrative market that gives investors an opportunity to earn superlative profits.

Currency Trading

The forex market offers unmatched potential for profitable trading in any market condition or any stage of the business cycle.

How many times have you bought a stock on someone's advice to make a quick buck and waited for months, may be years, to just recover your cost? Share trading, experts warn, is a risky game. However, it's possible to play it smartly and make a quick buck as well, they say. "The main attraction of trading is that people feel they can make quick money. But there are no free lunches. Trading requires a lot of discipline." While traders do make as well as lose money, whether this activity suits you depends on your financial position. "Once you do your Financial Calculators in detail, you know what your commitments are, as well as your risk appetite.

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You can trade in shares and commodities. However, in India, retail investors mainly trade in stock futures and options due to sheer volumes. Trading means buying and selling a stock the same day or holding it for just 2-3 days. The former is called intra-day trade. The latter is called swing trade. Positional trade generally involves taking a longer position and holding a stock for 2-3 weeks.


A share market is where shares are either issued or traded in.

A stock market is similar to a share market. The key difference is that a stock market helps you trade financial instruments like bonds, mutual funds, derivatives as well as shares of companies. A share market only allows trading of shares.

The key factor is the stock exchange – the basic platform that provides the facilities used to trade company stocks and other securities. A stock may be bought or sold only if it is listed on an exchange. Thus, it is the meeting place of the stock buyers and sellers. India's premier stock exchanges are the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.