Investment Education

In our continuous endeavour towards educating investors and helping them make informed invcestments. GLP Wealth Pvt. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd is glad to conduct investor Training programs on a continuous basis. These programs would be a great opportunity for you to know more about the merits of investing and various other issues pertaining to investments.

Investment, Wealth creation, Financial Calculators is the most non glamorous topic for most of the people. People celebrate the purchase of a new house, a new car and sometimes also a new shirt. They will enjoy a movie, game or a get together but not like any insights on goal based planning. They hardly have a specific or clear financial goal.

What now becomes important is the vision to be able to see the better part of the years to come. In the history of the Indian Finance markets, next few years will be the best years of our lifetime. We all should make the best use of these years and let the flow of our work and passion be smooth and flawless. It’s like a slate, a blank slate and the good news is that we have the choice to write what we desire to.

The one thing which will strongly define the next ten years of our life is the input we put in next two to three years. It’s time to gear up for new ventures, market and strategy. Just one mission, one vision and that is moving towards the collective good.

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Our Events

We have conducted more than 60 Educational Programs for Different Groups, Society, Clubs, Educational Students, Corporate employees etc. Thus we have trained more than 3600 people. You can also ask us to conduct such program for your group. To join please fill the form